Paul Farrow, Commercial Director, Plant Lipids UK

“For Plant Lipids,  it’s important to exhibit at The Ingredients Show really to raise the exposure of our business, and to be able to show all UK customers our product offerings. The second thing for me, is, I get to see, twenty, thirty customers over three days, where it would take me several months to be able to go and see those customers ultimately. So they come to us, we don’t have to go to them.”


Stephen Rowell, Sales Consultant, Foodie Flavours

“It’s been pretty successful for us. We’ve done it a couple of years, and that’s why we’ll probably be here next year, and lead generation’s been really good, we’ve had some good business, and hopefully we’ll be getting some more business.”


Steve Calver, Sales Manager, HB Ingredients

“Well it’s important for us, because we’re an ingredients company first and foremost, and there aren’t many ingredients shows in the UK. So for us, it’s really important that we support this, and that we continue to come back year after year.”


Fergus Martin, Exec Development Chef, Majors International

“The fact that you’ve actually got a lot of genres within one show, gives you a lot more opportunity to meet different customers, and also, people on other stands, they’re looking at things that they would not have considered doing.”


Rhiannon Kilner, Business Development & Sales, Acerchem

“Having those big brands round, obviously we know some of them, but the amount of visitors that we’ve had from really big companies, that has been amazing. We weren’t really expecting the amount of people to come up that have, so it’s been really, really good for us.”