Live Events Change Minds

We live in a world where accessing information is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. But as thinking, feeling human beings we base opinion on our experiences. This is why the medium of live is so effective - participants are active at every step.

  • Where else can you recruit new customers and strengthen relationships with the old clients?
  • Where else can you test new products, revitalise existing products and receive immediate feedback?
  • When else do you have those great audience numbers on any other business day?

The Facts - FaceTime

FaceTime is the marketing body for the live events industry, set up to help customers harness the power of live events to drive sales, enhance customer relationships and deliver customer insight.

Recent research commissioned by FaceTime proves how important a part of the marketing mix live events are. Live events are the most effective way to market your business. Putting your products and services in front of your target audience helps to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Raise company profile
  • Allow for a better understanding of your products

Take a look at Facetime Social Media Guide - The Series for some useful tips to help support your attendance at our exhibition.


Live events build relationships

One-to-one conversations allow you to tailor information to suit individual business requirements and help people remember you, and you remember them.


And remember, visitors attend trade shows to be sold to!

Live events are a sensory experience - taste, smell, touch and see, with buyers achieving a year's worth of product sourcing in a few days.