Tiger Nuts Blog

We can’t wait to hear more from Ani de la Prida, Co-Founder of The Tiger Nut Company in her session ‘Discover Tiger Nuts: The Next Gluten Free Super Food’.  While they may not be anything to do with tigers, or nuts, these versatile and tasty tubers are set to be the next stars of free-from. In this interesting session, Ani will explore how tiger nuts offer a natural way to recreate gluten’s texture in food and provide an exciting new alternative in the milk-free market. We caught up with her ahead of the show to talk all things tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts and nutritional trends

According to Ani, tiger nuts are an incredibly exciting and versatile food, she told us: “They are an ancient food packed with taste and nutrition and are set to become an important health promoting ingredient in the food industry. Food trends are towards nutrient dense, healthy, earthy and natural and the tiger nut products fit the bill perfectly.”

Packed with useful information, this session is likely to appeal to anyone in product development. It’s also set to be informative for retailers and manufacturers - particularly those interested in gluten free, nut free, dairy free, paleo and health conscious products. 

Ahead of the curve

Ani advised her talk will help attendees stay ahead of the curve in terms of food trends, knowledge and insight. We asked her if she plans to share any facts or research as part of the session and she gave us this sneak preview:

“Food futurologist Morgaine Gaye explains that the tiger nut is an ancient root vegetable and with non-dairy consumption, vegetarianism and veganism on the rise, it will really gain in popularity. Dairy is down in a massive way so the opportunities for non-dairy milk are expanding, and tiger nut milk is the one for now. The tiger nut is also a great raw, baked and snack food, something sugar-free you can snack on so again tiger nuts are right on trend.”

It is perhaps the versatility of tiger nuts which makes them such an exciting prospect, Ani told us more: “Tiger nuts are a versatile ingredient which can be used as a milk, raw, cooked, baked, fried, fermented and even pickled. It works well in gluten free baking and makes an amazing gluten free batter. But most importantly tiger nuts are delicious! At The Tiger Nut Company we are working to help improve health. But we believe that it is important to choose to eat healthy because it is delicious and not because you have to.”

Try it for yourself 

This session will do more than just talk about tiger nuts, there will also be sampling opportunities, Ani commented: “Come along to learn about the history of tiger nuts and why they are such an important food, discover many different uses and applications, learn about current research into health benefits and uses for tiger nuts, learn how to make tiger nut milk, taste a range of  raw tiger nuts and also sample a variety of tiger nut products”.

Ani told us her team at The Tiger Nut Company are looking forward to sharing their love of tiger nuts, introducing people to tiger nuts and answering questions. And when it comes to tiger nuts, there’s no better people to ask – The Tiger Nut Company are a small and passionate organisation who were the first to introduce tiger nut milk or horchata to the UK. They introduced the first unsweetened tiger nut milk, created the world’s first tiger nut chocolate bars and have the widest variety of tiger nut products in the UK. Hear more on stage at The Ingredients Show, 16th April 2pm – 2.45pm in The Education Theatre.