Everything you need to know about edible insects with Raphaelle Browaeys

Research shows that edible insects are amazing for the environment and fantastic for our health. But will squeamish shoppers take the bait? Over in The Education Theatre Raphaelle Browaeys of JIMINI’s will be looking at how you can break down barriers with education, reassurance and excitement. We caught up with Raphaelle ahead of her talk to find out more.

Your questions answered

If you’re intrigued to know more about edible insects and why they’re big news, Raphaelle has all the answers, she told us: “The Food and Agriculture Organization said a few years ago that insect food is an under-exploited resource and that we should start to consume it. For multiple reasons, insects are a great source of protein and also very sustainable. Join the JIMINI’S session for some key information about this up-and-coming market.”

A new market

Raphaelle was keen to encourage anyone in the industry who’s curious to come along and find out more, she commented: “I think anyone interested in the food industry could attend this session as this is a fairly new market. Insects can be used as an ingredient in a lot of food and preparations. However, with this being a new food there are a lot of particularities and specificities to be aware of.” 

Insect expertise

With over five years’ experience and expertise in the sector, the team at JIMINI’S are the authority on edible insects. Their session promises that attendees will come away with insights about the insect market, the barriers, the solutions and new perspectives. It’s a great opportunity to get to know this new trend and future plans to incorporate it into consumer diets. Plus, there will be tasting opportunities too.

Find out more about this fascinating future food trend in The Ingredients Show’s Education Theatre, Monday 16th April 3pm - 3:45pm.