These days consumers are increasingly knowledgeable when it comes to health and nutritional issues. Whether it’s antioxidants, super foods or probiotics, there’s a great deal of consumer and media attention surrounding nutritionally beneficial ingredients. We spoke to some of The Ingredients Show’s exhibitors to get their views on the latest health trends and find out what’s new.

New trends and growth areas

Some aspects of healthy eating, such as sugar reduction are not new but  continue to be very important, as  Ulrick & Short (Stand: J230) told us: “There are trends that are continuing that have been around for a while and will continue to grow like fat and sugar reduction. However, the new trends like flexitarianism and alternative proteins to meat have been growing considerably. The key development change is that now clean labels are considered a given, but enhancing the nutritional profile is now just as important when developing new products.”

The power of plant-based natural ingredients was highlighted as a key trend by Beloved Date Nutrition (Stand: F229) too, they commented: “Consumers are increasingly looking at what they are putting into their bodies and the trend for plant based natural products is fast emerging. Ingredients that promote gut health, such as those with high fibre, good bacteria and nutrient rich ingredients continue to be popular.”

Healthy solutions

So what solutions does the ingredients sector have to offer? The Ingredients Show is set to provide plenty of inspiration and choices to help address key health issues such as reformulation, free-from options, veganism and more. 

Beloved told us how dates were a fantastic sweet ingredient, ideal for reducing sugar content, with a whole host of other nutritional benefits, they explained: “Dates are naturally packed with nutrients as they are grown in such harsh climates they need the protective benefits of these nutrients. Dates are high in fibre which is great for your gut health and contain phytochemicals such as carotenoids to provide anti-oxidant benefits. They are also a source of beneficial minerals such as manganese and potassium to contribute to good heart health.”

Ulrick & Short told us about a whole series of healthy solutions they were able to offer: “We have a range of clean label, non-GM, allergen free and vegan ingredients to cater for the latest health and nutritional trends. Our delyte range has expanded and can reduce up to 50% of fat in a variety of applications, with the most recent delyte 9 successfully reducing 50% of dairy fats with minimal impact on flavour or mouthfeel. We also have our avanté range of sugar replacers, which goes into a range of products and can drastically improve nutritional profiles.”

Here are a few other exhibitors to look out for, all of whom offer a range of healthy and nutritionally-led solutions.

Naturis (Stand: H228) have a product portfolio which includes plant-derived proteins, fibres, speciality bakery ingredients and a range of NPD solutions for sugar reduction, shelf-life extension, protein-enrichment and nutritional improvement.

Salinity UK Ltd (Stand: J268) will be showcasing a unique single grain low sodium sea salt called SALTWELL. The unique SALTWELL sea salt grain is naturally low in sodium chloride - only 65% – thereby drastically reducing the sodium content of any foods in which it is used.

Pasta Foods Ltd (Stand: G229) offer an instant no boil pasta and a range of gluten free, low acrylamide snack pellets made from lentils, peas and chickpeas.

Uren Food Group (Stand: J240) has over one hundred years’ experience in the global food ingredients industry and specialises in the production of frozen fruits, fruit juices, purees, concentrates, frozen vegetables, honey and nuts to food manufacturers around the world.

Select the ‘Health and Nutritional Ingredients’ category on The Ingredients Show’s exhibitor page to view more of the healthy solutions available.