Kiti Soinine, Category Director, Mintel

“You get so many new ideas, you see so many things in such a short period of time. I’ve been sort of kicking myself going, why don’t I do this more, because you just do get so much more out of it. Talking to people, seeing new things, like so much more in two hours, than if I’d been sat in the office for the morning. So definitely worth it.


Darryl Collinson, Head of Procurement, Farmhouse Biscuit Ltd

“This was the first time I visited the Ingredients Show and it was great to spot new trends and see what other people are doing, so we know if we are missing out on anything”


Shaji Philip, Technical Manager, G&B Ingredients

“We came to meet customers and found lots of leads. It’s better than other ingredients shows as all the retailers and wholesalers are under one roof”


Steve Osborn, Director, Ceres Partnership

“We’re an innovation management specialist, technology scouts and trend watchers, so coming to The Ingredients Show like this, it’s really important for us to take a view on what’s happening in the marketplace, what’s new, what’s emerging, and what’s going to be exciting in the next twelve to eighteen months.”


Anna Turrell, Head of Sustainability, Nestle

“As a food and beverage manufacturer, we sit in a particular part of the food industry value chain. By coming to events such as The Ingredients Show, we’re exposed to a much broader diversity of perspectives, across the whole industry, and that’s really really great.”


Sarah Jane Large, NPD Manager, Cook

“It’s an amazing opportunity to come to The Ingredients Show to meet loads of other people in a similar line of work, take loads of inspiration from them, learn new things.”